Extensive Knowledge

During 25 years of my professional career I have learned and mastered various aspects of the general building trade, which as an interdisciplinary discipline requires comprehensive knowledge. I studied construction engineering in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Szczecin University of Technology, Poland and followed it with a year an apprenticeship in an architectural design studio. Both provided me with the theoretical background in structural engineering and skills such as the ability to determine the load-bearing walls while demolishing and redesigning the interior walls and look at the buildings in wider spectrum etc.

Years of Practise

Thereafter, I was improving my practical skills working for 2 years on renovating historic buildings and with traditional crafts for The Polish Ateliers for Conservation of Cultural Property. After moving to Scotland, I have continued with similar projects: I have worked on renovating a number of A-listed and UNESCO listed buildings in Edinburgh. This allowed me to gain the detailed knowledge about materials used in historic buildings and how to use them and combine with modern ones.

Complete Assistance

Today, I am able to offer advice on any project. I help people on every stage of renovation or refurbishment; from choosing materials and facilities to applying finishing touches. My company provides inspiration, design ideas, follows the newest trends and does the actual work – and all of that at a reasonable price.

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What We Do

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Marcin Kawalek is the proprietor of MJK Interiors, an interior design and renovation company in Edinburgh which offers comprehensive services in terms of structural work, home extensions, house alterations, flooring, refurbishment and more. We’re here to help you realise your dreams about your perfect house, no matter what!